About Us

Colombia has an immense variety of cultures and traditions, reflected in the food, music, and excellent craftsmanship of their many artists and artisans.

In 2007, during one of my trips to my birth country, I found myself longing to share the rich talent of the Colombian people with the world.  Out of this desire and passion was born Amano Artisans, with the goal of creating a thriving community of artisans where the traditions and talents of this beautiful country would be kept alive for many generations to come.

Each time I went home to visit my country, I brought many pieces of jewelry back with me.  I began to notice that people were admiring them greatly, so with a leap of faith and a desire to make a dream come true, I set up an online store and website and began showcasing meaningful pieces that would give back to Colombia’s artisans and keep its traditions alive.

My background as an architect and my passion for fashion and jewelry led me to work with the most talented artisans and designers in the field.  At Amano Artisans, we are committed to empowering and supporting individual artisans and small artisan businesses in Colombia that employ women who are the heads of their households, as well as people who live in low-income areas. 

Through the sale of their hand-crafts, we want to provide our artisans a reliable source of income to ensure a better life for their families, as well as a way to continue their crafting traditions that have been passed down through generations. 

Our collections are 100% handcrafted in Colombia, eco-friendly and sustainable. Our artisans use renewable materials, including tagua (also known as "vegetable ivory"), acai seeds, reclaimed wood, silk cocoons and cattle horn (a bi-product of the meat industry).

We invite you to browse through our collections and enjoy the beauty and passion of Colombia reflected on every piece.