Izy Magu

September 05, 2019

Izy Magu | Amano Artisans

Who is Izy Magu?

They are illustrators whose purpose is to transform ordinary objects into unique works of art. Elizabeth Rojas ("Izy"- Business Director) and Magda Malagón ("Magú"- Graphic Designer) are two women from Colombia who think in shapes, colors, and textures, and who have embraced the adventure and created a concept where they can combine their passions and talents professionally.

Technique and Design Process

One of the main characteristics of their illustrations has always been texture. They use watercolors as the fundamental basis of their work, mixing colored pencils and textured papers to create light and shadow effects.

That small canvas goes through several processes until it reaches its final form: leather, eco-leather, wood, or fabric, among others. Finally, they carefully join all the pieces, turning them into useful and creative objects that go from being simple products to small treasures for those who use them. SHOP IZY MAGU

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