Amano Artisans + Extending a Hand Foundation

July 24, 2018

Amano Artisans + Extending a Hand Foundation

From the moment Amano Artisans was founded, we knew that we wanted to contribute to a project or foundation that would directly benefit Colombia's most vulnerable population.  Through searching, listening, and cultivating relationships, I met Claudia Ibarbo - Gloyne, founder of the Extending a Hand Foundation.

Claudia founded the Extending a Hand Foundation in 1998. Since then, she has focused her efforts on developing projects and programs that improve the quality of life of a vulnerable community of about 500 children and 150 elders in the town of Agua de Dios, Colombia, a place affected by the consequences of leprosy (not yet entirely eradicated), poverty, violence, discrimination, and abandonment.

Their mission is achieved through programs of financial aid, education, and preventative and curative healthcare, as well as through projects designed to promote self-sustainability in this vulnerable community, and prevent them from falling into the hands of delinquency and many other threats to which they are permanently exposed.

The Extending a Hand Foundation firmly believes that those living in vulnerable communities have the right to have a dignified life, and that through improving their living conditions, they can become self-sustaining and valuable members of their community. Children and youth realize their full potential and become productive citizens when they can live, study and work in a healthy and stable environment, while the elders of the community can live in dignity and peace during the last years of their lives.

One of the most pressing needs of the foundation is the construction of a new building for the Santa Ana Orphanage and School. The school was declared unsafe in 2013, forcing the girls to move to a "livable" area of the building. This was a temporary solution, and while it is a “better” part of the building, it is still unsafe nonetheless. In 2017, in Villas de San Jose, a perfect property was located. In June of 2018, the foundation started one of its most ambitious projects, to build a brand new boarding school and home for 30 girls and the religious community that now live in and attend the Santa Ana Orphanage. 

The estimated cost of the project is 300K, and we still have 100K to go.

Amano Artisans will donate 10% of its online sales to these girls that deserve a safe place to live, learn and grow until the project is completed.

Your support, either through a direct donation to the Extending a Hand Foundation or through your purchases at Amano Artisans, will help these girls to realize their dream of a safe place to live and study as they grow and become the face of change in their community.

To learn more about the foundation go to 

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