5 Eco-Friendly Brands to Shop From this Earth Day

April 19, 2018

5 Eco-Friendly Brands to Shop From this Earth Day | Amano Artisans

Fair Trade - Sustainable lifestyle is the new trend, and spring styles, colors, and flavors are finally here!                

This Earth Day we wanted to highlight our 5 favorite eco-friendly brands that produce their products with integrity and transparency.

31 Bits

Need a new handbag? Check out 31 Bits. Their woven basket bags are made in Bali by artisans in a clean, healthy, and family-like, ethical environment. My favorite from their collection is the Woven Drum Bag with a beautiful circular metal handle.


One of my favorites is TOMS as they continue to produce the shoes that give back. Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS, wrote a book titled Start Something that Matters. It is such an inspirational book to get a taste of what is like to walk in someone else’s shoes, in this case, lack thereof. The pair of shoes from TOMS that I have is so comfortable that now I have my eye on the new Birch Suede Natural Hemp Women's Jutti D'Orsay Flats.

Amano Artisans

Springtime is for new growth and fresh flowers. So, why not help produce such a beautiful impact in the lives of other people? Amano Artisans gives back by supporting Colombia's crafting traditions. Fair Trade practices provide better lives for artisans and their families. One piece that signifies spring is The Azucena Bolo Tagua Necklace . Besides its lovely composition, it is made from an ever-growing renewable resource the Tagua Seed. Also known as Vegetable Ivory, Tagua grows organically in tropical rainforests of Colombia. Farmers harvest the seeds from the ground and are sold to artisans around the country

Burt's Bees

Where I live in Southern California, it gets hot and dry in the summer, so I always need to carry my lip balm with me. I use Burt’s Bees because it is sustainably made, all natural, and responsibly sourced. My favorite flavor is the pomegranate, for a fun fruity taste!!

Coconut Bowls

My ultimate favorite for fun an Eco-Friendly lifestyle are these Coconut Bowls This incredible company reclaims over 10,000 coconut shells every month from farmers that have to spend a considerable amount of money on their waste process. Their team at their ethical workshop in Vietnam cuts, sands, and polishes these coconut shells into beautiful coconut bowls that are food safe, reusable will last a lifetime and leave your dinner guest at awe.

I invite you to experience this Earth Day by making purchases that help people globally! Celebrate and do your part by participating and being an active person in what is better for the planet that we adore and abide in.

Author: Emmy Fischbeck

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