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About Us

Colombia has an immense variety of cultures and traditions, all reflected on our food, music and excellent craftsmanship.

Years ago longing for my country I decided to share with the world our amazing talent that I am so proud of. This is how Amano Artisans was born.
My background as an architect and my passion for fashion and jewelry led me to work with talented artisans and designers in the field.

Amano Artisans was founded back in 2007 during one of my trips to Colombia. Every time I went home there was some piece or pieces of jewelry I would bring back with me and I notice people would admire them greatly. So I took a leap of faith and decided to make a dream come true, the ownership of a store and showcasing of meaningful pieces that would give back to Colombia’s Artisans and keep its traditions alive.

At Amano Artisans we are committed to empower and support individual artisans and communities exclusively from Colombia. Most of those communities support single mothers and families that have been displaced and affected by the violence and the ongoing conflict in Colombia.
Our collections are 100% handcrafted in Colombia, eco-friendly and sustainable. Our artisans use renewable materials like, tagua, acai seeds, reclaimed wood, and cattle horn (a bi-product of the meat industry).

Our goal is to create a powerful and thriving community of artisans where all the traditions and talents of Colombia are kept alive.
So please go ahead, browse through our collections and enjoy the beauty and passion of Colombia reflected on every piece.